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Is Real Estate In Clayton County Dead?

Posted by brandebradford on May 3, 2007

It really depends on who you ask?  If your asking a seller who has had a home on the market for over a year, yes, the market is dead.  If you ask a real estate agent, who isn’t selling anything, yes it is dead.  If you ask an agent who is selling several homes a month, the real estate market is alive and well!

Why the difference?  You have to be able to understand and adjust with the market.  Property values are low right now everywhere. So, you must adjust your asking price to reflect fair market value.

You need to work with a professional that is willing to take extra marketing steps to sell your property. No, a sign in your yard will not sell your home in this type of market.  Your agent needs to be aggressive and get the job done.

Isn’t it our job to represent the seller to the best of our ability?  Of course it, and this includes being honest enough to explain how the market has changed and not over price the property just to get a listing.

A while back I told a Seller what they didnt want to hear, the truth.  A year later, their house is still on the market, and now below the price that I felt certain I could get for them at that time.  Why?  A friend of theirs said they would list the house for $15,000 more than what it would bring.  I am sure you can figure out that I didn’t get that listing!

With the current real estate conditions, you need to be somewhat flexible.  It takes an agent who knows and understand your area in order to benefit your sale.  An agent from North Atlanta is not going to be real knowledgable on what is going on south of Atlanta.

When it comes to the sell of your property, you need to work with someone who can get the job done.  Don’t be a property owner who is constantly lowering your asking price.  Get it right the first and there will be a “SOLD” sign in your front yard.

If your looking to sell your property, and want the job done right.  Give me a call.  2007 is promising to be an incredible year in Clayton County.  You can reach me at 770-961-5520, or 404-993-5753, just ask for Brande!


3 Responses to “Is Real Estate In Clayton County Dead?”

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  3. Jabo said

    Well I bought my house some 37 years ago. One just like it across the street from me sold last month for 2 thousand less than it went for (37 years ago) new. Who ever bought it wants to rent it for $1,000. a month but no takers.

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