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Lovejoy, Georgia

Posted by brandebradford on April 3, 2007

 What has happened in Lovejoy?  It seems like yesterday you drove through there, and not much was going on.  Today, I ask to go there and shop!!  Ok, I have 4 kids, I am a real Walmart shop-aholic! Believe it or not, Walmart has things there, that none of the others do.  Check it out next time your there.

Lovejoy is a small city with a population of less than 800 people, but which has a large and increasing surrounding population. Lovejoy’s population is very much restricted by its small corporate limits.Lovejoy originally developed beside the railroad tracks, where a train depot was located. It was one of the stops of the passenger trains from Atlanta to Griffin. It was also home to a very active cotton gin. Over time the passenger trains stopped and the cotton gin closed, leaving Lovejoy a sleepy little community.

Lovejoy became the location of the Clayton County Landfill, and later the Clayton County Jail. Although bringing traffic and, as a result, money to Lovejoy, these facilities hurt Lovejoy’s desirability as a place to live. For many years residential growth was almost non-existent.

As growth from Atlanta extended further and further down the Interstate 75 corridor, the Lovejoy area became more and more attractive to developers. In recent years considerable development has began to occur both within and just outside of the corporate limits of the city.

A large mobile home community was developed on East Lovejoy Road, townhomes have been constructed on Hastings Bridge Road, new subdivisions are popping up throughout the area, and the intersection of Hastings Bridge Road and Tara Boulevard has become a major commercial intersection with a number of fast food restaurants, a large neighborhood shopping center, a Wal-Mart and a Home Deport..

The downtown area of Lovejoy has remained relatively stagnant. When the jail opened, a couple of office buildings immediately followed to house bonding companies and other businesses. Arrowhead Alternators moved from Jonesboro to Lovejoy and quickly became the largest employer, occupying the majority of non-government commercial and industrial space in the city. Arrowhead Alternators closed soon after the death of its founder, but the loss in employment has more than been made up for by other growth in the immediate area.

Recently new growth has again begun to occur in downtown. The Hastings Bridge Office Building and self-storage facility has recently been constructed on a acreage tract on Hastings Bridge Road, and an office/retail building is currently under construction.

Generally, as the areas immediately surrounding Lovejoy continue to develop, demand will increase for both commercial and residential uses within the corporate limits, resulting in a bright future for the City of Lovejoy.


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  2. Ms. Holland said

    Just curious as to your source regarding the following statement: “Lovejoy is a small city with a population of less than 800 people.” (This entry was posted on April 3, 2007 at 8:23 pm)

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