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Jonesboro or Tara?

Posted by brandebradford on April 3, 2007

 Until recently, I wondered where Jonesboro really started and ended.  I figured that if I was on Tara Blvd, I had to  be in Jonesboro.  The growth on Tara Blvd is amazing close to Mt. Zion Road.  There is now a new Up The Creek, Applebee’s, etc.  My husband has this habit of making fun of me for sitting my kitchen on fire awhile back.  It is true, flames were coming out of the oven.  Well, with the growth on Tara Blvd, I guess I have a good argument for eating out more often.

 The City of Jonesboro, Georgia is located within Clayton County, just a few minutes west of Interstate 75. Jonesboro serves at the County Seat of Clayton County and, as such, is home to the Clayton County Courthouse, police and Sheriff services and many other government agencies.

Jonesboro was originally called Leaksville. That name dates back to at least 1823, well before portions of Fayette and Henry Counties were merged to form Clayton County.

The city grew from a small community based around the Flint River Baptist Church which was erected in 1858.

Although it did not begin as such, Leaksville became a railroad town in the 1830’s. It’s name was changed to Jonesboro in honor of Colonel Samuel Goode Jones, one of the Civil Engineers who planned the portion of the railroad traveling through Leaksville.

In 1859, Jonesboro was incorporated as a city.

During the Civil War, the Battle of Jonesboro was one of the most significant battles fought in Georgia. Jonesboro suffered heavy losses in both lives and property.

Jonesboro went through some bad times after the Civil War but returned to prosperity in the 20th Century.

Jonesboro received national and international attention in the 1930s due to the publication of Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell. The subsequent movie brought additional notoriety to the city.

Although much of the book is set in Clayton County, Tara is a fictional place. Several homes have been claimed to have been the inspiration for Tara but, no one really knows which home, if any, served as its inspiration.

Today, Jonesboro still receives visitors wishing to visit the fabled Tara, and Jonesboro does its best to accommodate them.

Jonesboro has easy access to the interstate system and to the rest of south metro Atlanta via a number of four-lane highways. The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is only minutes away and ample recreational and entertainment opportunities abound.


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