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Conley, Georgia, Nowhere is a Great Place To Be

Posted by brandebradford on April 3, 2007

My girls and I visited Georgia for the very first time back in 2000.  For many trips after that, I could have sworn that Conley was a city!  To learn diffferently, was surprising.  I am finding out the longer I am here, that is the case in several areas.  You might think some place is a city, but it really isn’t!

Where’s Conley? Conley, Georgia is in northeast Clayton County, bordering both Dekalb County to the north and Henry County to the east. It is a Zip Code, not an actual city.

At some point in the past there was a Conley, or at least a family of Conley’s living in the area. There are two Conley Roads, one extending from Jonesboro Road in Fulton County and the other extending from Jonesboro Road in Clayton County, both merging after they cross Thurman Road and ending where they intersect Highway 42. The Fulton County section of Conley Road changes names to Old Conley Road, before it intersections the Clayton County section.

We know there was once a Conley Baptist Church, the building is still there but does not date back far enough to be an indication of where the actual community lied. We have check old maps of the area dating back to the 1800’s and found Conley to be indicated as being in the northern portion of the City of Forest Park, on Jonesboro Road, and have also found it indicated as being on Highway 42. Often, Fort Gillem is referred to as the Conley Depot, but it is too far south to have been the community of Conley.

We have ridden the area in search of Conley and could find no buildings which date back far enough to indicated where any community might have been. So, as far as we know, the original community of Conley is lost to history. We believe that Conley Road might have lead through lands owned by a family of Conley’s and there never was a real community.

All of that aside, the vast majority of the development of the Conley community occurred in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. The majority of the homes in the area are four-sided brick veneer homes. Development has continued, at a slower pace, to current times. Several new residential developments are underway in the community now.

The community has excellent access to the interstate system (I-285 and I-675) and is located very close to employment centers. Non-residential uses in Conley is greatly influenced by the trucking industry. A TSA truck stop is located at the northern edge of the community and trucking uses are predominate along Highway 42. The area also has easy access to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

People seeking affordable housing in a close-in location should consider Conley. The nowhere community is close to everything.


7 Responses to “Conley, Georgia, Nowhere is a Great Place To Be”

  1. Yolunda said

    My name is Yolunda and I grew up in the Conley zip code….which used to be 30027, in the late 1970’s early 1980’s. I am currently researching the area by looking for the builder of my old neighborhood. Maybe we can help one another? Please reply.

  2. anita said

    Hello im trying to find a pic of the Conley Depot sign/s, (what Ft. gillem was before it was Ft. gillem). Thanks, any help would greatly be appreciated.

  3. Jabo said

    There should be a sign on the rail line just east of Gillem. It is called simply Army depot as Souther now NS never changed the name.

  4. Yvonne Allison said

    I am now a resident of Conley, Georgia. I think it is very interesting and still has a lot of potential. I would like too see it grow further. It is close to everything: Shopping, Southlake, Morrow, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

  5. Ryan Welch Anderson said

    Hi. My name is Ryan Anderson, and I would love to ask you some questions about Conley. I am researching for a book. Can you please contact me by phone or email? 704-236-6190. Thanks.

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