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Clayton County, Georgia. South Metro Atlanta’s Transportation Hub

Posted by brandebradford on April 3, 2007

Since moving to Clayton County almost 6 years ago from Kansas, the one thing that intrigues me is the history of the county.  My husband, Chris, is a real history buff, and when we are out joy riding, he never fails to come up with a story that makes me proud to call Clayton County home. 

Clayton county is a suburban county bordering the south side of the City of Atlanta, Georgia.

Named in honor of Augustine Smith Clayton, judge and U.S. Representative, Clayton County was formed on November 30th, 1858 from parts of Fayette and Henry Counties.

Clayton County was the site of several battles and heavy fighting during the civil war. Notable battles include the Battle of Jonesboro as well as Rough and Ready (later the City of Mountain View). Clayton County was within the path of General Sherman’s “March to the Sea”.

Early development in Clayton County was the result of rail lines running through the county. The areas around the rail stations eventually became the cities of Forest Park, Morrow, Riverdale, Jonesboro and Mountain View.

Today, although the significance of the rail system has lessened and some rail lines have been removed, Transportation is an even greater factor in the economic success of the county. A portion of the Hartsfield – Jackson International Airport lies withing the county and the county is crossed by Interstates 75, 675 and 285. Interstates 20 and 85 both lies within minutes of the county line.

Clayton County’s superior access to the Interstate system as well as the Atlanta Airport makes it particularly suited for transportation related companies.

Clayton County is also served by the C-Tran bus system which connects with the Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority’s (MARTA) bus and rail system.

Clayton County is also home to Clayton State College, Southlake Mall, Southern Regional Medical Center, and the Georgia State Farmers Market. It also hosts both federal and state archive facilities.

Clayton County also offers and extensive parks and recreation department supplemented by similar departments in most of its cities.

Being only 10 miles from Downtown Atlanta, Clayton County is the location of choice for thousands of businesses and residents.


One Response to “Clayton County, Georgia. South Metro Atlanta’s Transportation Hub”

  1. Carolyn Floyd Beck said

    I lived in Clayton County for over 65 years. My Morris family arrived in that area in 1822 when it was still all Henry County. My grandmother was on the first census of Clayton County in 1860. Clayton came out of Henry and Fayette in 1858.
    We were there at Murray Lake during the great depression.

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