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To Appeal or Not Appeal

Posted by Chris Bradford on May 19, 2007

To Appeal or Not Appeal


Every year you get a statement from the county government telling you how much they feel your property is worth and, based on that, how much your property taxes are going to be. If you are like most property owners, you see your tax value creeping up each year, sometimes taking a huge leap.


After a while, you begin to feel the county has your property valued too high and think you might need to appeal the county’s valuation. This is when you discover what disadvantage property owners are really under.


Let’s assume that you feel your house is worth about $150,000 but the county says they feel it is worth $180,000. In most counties (but not all) in Georgia, your property taxes are based on 40% of the value, or in this case $72,000.

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Is Real Estate In Clayton County Dead?

Posted by brandebradford on May 3, 2007

It really depends on who you ask?  If your asking a seller who has had a home on the market for over a year, yes, the market is dead.  If you ask a real estate agent, who isn’t selling anything, yes it is dead.  If you ask an agent who is selling several homes a month, the real estate market is alive and well!

Why the difference?  You have to be able to understand and adjust with the market.  Property values are low right now everywhere. So, you must adjust your asking price to reflect fair market value. Read the rest of this entry »

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Clayton County, Georgia. South Metro Atlanta’s Transportation Hub

Posted by brandebradford on April 3, 2007

Since moving to Clayton County almost 6 years ago from Kansas, the one thing that intrigues me is the history of the county.  My husband, Chris, is a real history buff, and when we are out joy riding, he never fails to come up with a story that makes me proud to call Clayton County home. 

Clayton county is a suburban county bordering the south side of the City of Atlanta, Georgia. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fort Gillem…All Things Must Pass

Posted by brandebradford on April 3, 2007

 On March 27, 2007, I had the pleasure of visiting Ft. Gillem.  Being ex-miliatry, it brought back a lot of memories for me.  I was on base to watch as my daughter was sworn in into the Army.  She will be shipping out on April 18th. All the talk about closing Ft. Gillem brings sadness to me, as it seems to be such a big part of the community.  Maybe something in the future will change.  If not, I wonder what will happen there. Read the rest of this entry »

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Conley, Georgia, Nowhere is a Great Place To Be

Posted by brandebradford on April 3, 2007

My girls and I visited Georgia for the very first time back in 2000.  For many trips after that, I could have sworn that Conley was a city!  To learn diffferently, was surprising.  I am finding out the longer I am here, that is the case in several areas.  You might think some place is a city, but it really isn’t!

Where’s Conley? Conley, Georgia is in northeast Clayton County, bordering both Dekalb County to the north and Henry County to the east. It is a Zip Code, not an actual city. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Community Of Rex, Georgia

Posted by brandebradford on April 3, 2007

I love the bridge in Rex! Yes, I know that they are working on moving it.  However, I also understand that it will be used as a walking bridge, with I think will help to preserve some of the history of Rex.  Rex, is one of those places that a nice Sunday afternoon drive through can be heart warming to those that grew up in a small town.  It definitely reminds me of home.

There is no longer a Rex, Georgia. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lovejoy, Georgia

Posted by brandebradford on April 3, 2007

 What has happened in Lovejoy?  It seems like yesterday you drove through there, and not much was going on.  Today, I ask to go there and shop!!  Ok, I have 4 kids, I am a real Walmart shop-aholic! Believe it or not, Walmart has things there, that none of the others do.  Check it out next time your there. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Little About Riverdale, Georgia

Posted by brandebradford on April 3, 2007

 Chris has the nightly habit of wanting to get out of the house and go somewhere.  Usually, he ends up at a Quik Trip getting a drink or something.  I never really understood why, I didn’t think my company was THAT bad.  For several years we would always end up on Upper Riverdale Road at the Quik Trip by the hospital. 

Riverdale is situated in mid- western Clayton County, Georgia. Its boundaries pretty well parallel Georgia Highway 85 in a north to south direction. At one time, a rail road track ran north to south through Riverdale generally along the current path of Georgia Highway 85. It is along this track that Riverdale had its beginnings. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jonesboro or Tara?

Posted by brandebradford on April 3, 2007

 Until recently, I wondered where Jonesboro really started and ended.  I figured that if I was on Tara Blvd, I had to  be in Jonesboro.  The growth on Tara Blvd is amazing close to Mt. Zion Road.  There is now a new Up The Creek, Applebee’s, etc.  My husband has this habit of making fun of me for sitting my kitchen on fire awhile back.  It is true, flames were coming out of the oven.  Well, with the growth on Tara Blvd, I guess I have a good argument for eating out more often. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hello Clayton County!

Posted by brandebradford on April 2, 2007

South Metro AtlantaWelcome to your new online resource for keeping up with what is happening in Clayton County. Before you read any further, please “bookmark” this site for future visits.  We bring you this one stop resource to help keep you informed on what is happening around you. Its also a place to view upcoming events.  We want you to feel free to share thoughts and concerns.  This is 100% interactive.  It was designed for you, by people who care what happens in Clayton County. Watch over the next several weeks, as we bring this entire concept live.

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